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Startup Profile: Ocasta

10th April 2018

BMW Group UK have announced the four startups that completed BMW Innovation Lab 2018.

Brighton-based web agency, Ocasta, are one of the highly-skilled teams who took part in the initiative. They’re on-track to deliver excellent results in their area of expertise: employee engagement, learning and operations.

BMW chose Ocasta to help them disrupt through the use of technology after the innovative startup wowed the BWM Innovation Lab with their operations app, Oplift. The multi-award-winning app is designed to improve customer service whilst engaging employees.

The programme began on 15th January and ran for a total of 10 weeks. So far, the team have been helping with compliance to assess initial risks, business development, technical support, procedure maintenance and training.

As BMW is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it is essential that BMW demonstrate to the regulator that their processes follow correct procedures.  Ocasta is helping BMW to use technology to improve regulatory reporting and simplify current processes. Ocasta have also begun building a new digital BMW operations hub using their Oplift systems, and over the next few months they will be looking at training requirements and metrics to create an FCA-approved multi-functional system designed to boost employee engagement.

In the week’s preceding Demo Day on March 22nd, the Ocasta team looked into ways to improve the gathering and distribution of information for BMW, the process of on-boarding new employees and creating consistent training programmes to ensure that BMW offer world-class employee engagement. The team also aimed to apply micro-learning processes, including transforming annual ‘exam style training’ into bite-sized chunks of learning modules throughout the year to improve retention.

Ben Collier, one of the founders of Ocasta, said: “The innovation lab gave us honest and unfiltered access across all areas at BMW – the openness and eagerness from the BMW teams allow us to rethink the employee experience from their retailer network all the way to head office”.