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Moxtra’s OneStop platform powers branded apps for organisations to engage their customers while managing their internal teams and external relationships. Each portal acts as a virtual collaboration workspace for a secure and controlled digital environment where completing business has never been more convenient.  With text, voice, and video messaging, document sharing, annotative notes, digital signature, meetings, calendar booking, task management systems and more, all interactions are recorded and catalogued in one organised, intuitive space. Moxtra powers apps for businesses to deliver high touch service in today’s digital age and can be deployed as a standalone web or mobile app, or as an extension to an existing digital strategy. Connect with your customers anywhere, any time, and provide just-in-time responsiveness that ensures the most effective service delivery, uninterrupted.

The BMW Innovation Lab 2020 gave us a unique opportunity to develop a deeper insight into the automotive industry and gain vital experience working with key stakeholders in the organisation. This phenomenal lab enabled us to dig into BMW’s business challenges and create a real value added solution for BMW to manage their retailer business interactions in the mobile era. With the experience we gained through the course of the lab, we’re now continuing our conversations with BMW and are exploring the possibility of powering their private BMW OneStop portal. Nikhita Iyar, Strategic Business Development


Joulica’s customer analytics platform allows automotive companies to gain actionable insights from every digital interaction and customer conversation. Business outcomes include enhanced customer retention and more efficient customer services. It uniquely correlates interactions over digital and traditional channels with financial outcomes to deliver AI-powered personalised offers and campaigns.

The BMW Innovation Lab sets the standard for collaboration between corporate and start-ups. We were presented with strategic challenges by BMW executives who actively engaged with us to ensure success. We are actively engaged with the BMW team on future projects and highly recommend the experience. Tony McCormack, Founder & CEO

Personify XP

Personify XP automates digital experiences for anonymous digital shoppers driving an average increase of 10% in revenue. With GDPR, CCPA and Google phasing out 3rd party cookies in 2022, Personify XP’s platform can deliver a truly personalised digital experience completely anonymously creating a new revenue opportunity for brands and retailers.Personify XP focuses on a user’s active visitor flow, understanding behaviour, context and intent with each action taken on a website, deducing automatically a visitor’s individual reason for visiting and can personalise experiences such as landing pages, search, product recommendations and even voice driven by the platform’s AI. This also means that the AI recognises new browsing patterns as new products are released, discounts or new marketing events are applied and in real-time can decipher the reason for a person’s visit. In effect, every experience for every visitor is an MVT test as they are identifying their context with each click and personalising their experience for the individual.

Automation Hero

Automation Hero eliminates time-consuming and repetitive tasks with intelligent automation. By creating and performing more adaptable workflows with AI, information workers can now focus on more impactful revenue-generating activities. It goes beyond traditional automation by bringing together several components of process automation into an agile, end-to-end platform that rapidly automates work. Customers can easily accelerate their automation projects with point-and-click functionality. And, because they can seamlessly integrate with legacy software, they also reduce their reliance on IT and service providers. The platform offers both unattended and attended automations. Attended automations are delivered via a customised automation assistant that creates an approachable integration between AI and humans.

The BMW Innovation Lab 2020 provided us with an unparalleled platform to engage with BMW UK and BMW Germany – two of our key geographies. A structured process with clear goals and success markers in combination with direct access to C-level executives and innovation stakeholders enabled a truly open and valuable dialogue of the challenges the business faced. At the moment we are continuing working with BMW UK and BMW Germany on demonstrating the value of our product.  Irina Berdisa, Sales Director UK, Nordics & Benelux


Leapwork has created the world’s most accessible automation platform. Through a visual, no-code approach, Leapwork makes it easy for business and IT users to automate repetitive processes, so enterprises can adopt and scale automation faster. Leapwork is used by more than 400 global enterprises across all industries, from banks and insurance companies to life science, government and aerospace. Clients include NASA, PayPal, BNP Paribas and Daimler. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has local offices across Europe, US and Asia.

The innovation lab has been a fantastic experience for us. It was very professionally carried out and extremely well structured. The team was going out of their way to provide access to all the key stakeholders and business owners within BMW Financial Services and at the same time helping us keep the momentum on all the many conversations. Christian Brink Frederiksen, CEO & Co-founder


Fleet’s licensed application re-purposes idle vehicles on motor forecourts and adds new revenue streams to traditional sales. Fleet has created a B2B2C software for motor dealers. Their app allows dealerships to offer short-term (daily) car hire and long-term (monthly) car subscriptions. Users can access car rental or subscription with insurance, maintenance and fees rolled into a single price, plus the option to have the car delivered.The solution enhances the current dealership offering with the addition of a more flexible rental/subscription model. Everything is completed in-app ensuring a simple seamless user experience (payment processing, license verification etc).