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easyCar Club

easyCar Club presents an innovative car financing model that allows customers to get a
cheaper BMW by sharing it with a pool of vetted drivers for only a few days per month.
Eligible customers would lease a car from BMW and make it available for rental on the
easyCar Club platform. Driver members could then hire the car for a few hours or days,
offsetting some or all of the leasing cost.


Ocasta are the creators of the operations app, Oplift. Oplift is a collection of tools designed
to engage staff and improve customer service and overall business performance.


Overfit are an employee retention platform, specialising in data-mapping. The team are
currently in the process of building both a dashboard and a tool for discriminant analysis with
the aim to help HR managers understand the differences between different groups of
employees, e.g. happy vs unhappy, engaged vs unengaged, etc. The outcome of this
analysis will help BMW to retain and involve their current employees, as well as inspire new
procedures for on-boarding new staff.


DOVU have created their own crytocyrrency with all transactions based on the blockchain.
For the purpose of the lab DOVU have applied their technology to create an Alphabet app
that enables staff to digitally capture their mileage in order for BMW and Alphabet to have
greater visibility on the status of vehicles.