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Cazana’s proprietary data allows automotive companies to get a total market view of second hand value and pricing trends. Using big data combined with natural language processing, Cazana can extract detailed information from every car advertisement so that an accurate picture of vehicle value can be built up, including the individual values of trim levels, upgrade packs (e.g. Chili pack) and upgrades. The platform makes data from over 7000 sources instantly available and permits pricing trends to be determined more accurately and for more vehicles than with traditional data sources.

The BMW Innovation Lab 2016 was a great opportunity to access all areas of BMW Financial Services, understand more about their business and how our big data and systems could help them. It gave us insight into our customers’ requirements and a chance to develop a product that encompasses these needs. Such insight is crucial in ensuring we can demonstrate value and tackle pain points faced by the industry. Since the lab, we’ve engaged commercially with BMW to provide our valuation insights and are working to build a long-term legacy from the programme.

Tom Wood, founder of


Divido is a cloud-based credit origination frontend and loan servicing backend that caters to lenders, retailers and their customers. It enables customers to buy more things and pay over time. The platform works in store, online and by phone and supports all types of finance such as 0% APR, low cost credit, resolving credit, etc. It is also available in multiple languages and currencies working across multiple markets.

For a start-up entering the market, one of the greatest difficulties is getting through the door of a large, global business. The BMW Innovation Lab 2017 gave us a platform to get access to a major enterprise, as well as a chance to talk directly to key executives to find out what they needed from us. We were able to immerse ourselves in the automotive industry and learn how we can work with businesses of this scale.

Christer Holloman, CEO of Divido


Drover’s mobility platform is powered by an online marketplace that bridges the gap between short-term car rental companies and long term lease providers, giving customers flexible access to cars. Their technology platform provides a ‘one stop shop’ for drivers and vehicle suppliers alike. Drover offers a state-of-the-art bookings platform combined with a free fleet management tool for suppliers, that includes a sophisticated telematics integration, predictive maintenance, PCN management, electronic driver onboarding and background checking, a payments and invoicing engine and a comprehensive insurance offer as part of every booking.

Many incubators simply offer to open doors to stakeholders, or provide a space to develop a proof of concept to go and secure funding. The BMW Innovation Lab is different. It offers real business outcomes. Working at the 2016 Innovation Lab saw us meet directly with stakeholders, and learn the concerns and needs of our customers. This means we can tailor our offering to the market. Long term, we are excited to continue to build on the legacy of the Lab and work with BMW on new applications.

Felix Leuschner, Founder and CEO of Drover

Warwick Analytics

Warwick Analytics deliver a predictive analytics software even with heterogeneous data (different types of data and variables in the same data set) and can be applied across several sectors (retail, transportation and financial services). The product helps to predict customer behaviour, which improves upsell, cross-sell and marketing optimisation.

The Innovation Lab was very well managed and thought through: there was ready access to, and support from, the most senior members of the organisation. BMW Financial Services are committed to innovation and this was a great opportunity for us to be a part of.

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics


Wrisk have created a highly flexible insurance services that provides Motor, Travel and Home cover all in one place, delivered through your mobile and not your post box. Their app keeps track of everything for you, updating your information and charging cover on a weekly basis – making it uniquely flexible and offering tailored coverage that is better value overall because it won’t let you down.

We weren’t sure of what to expect from a corporate incubator, but the BMW Innovation Lab proved to be an incredibly valuable experience for us. It offers a symbiotic relationship, centred around both parties providing the next generation of innovative, efficient, and digital-first customer experiences. The benefits are not just restricted to time spent in the Lab. Through the strong working relationship we have formed, we are now working with BMW to transform approaches to car insurance.

Niall Barton, Co-founder of Wrisk