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2nd August 2021

Moxtra’s OneStop platform powers branded apps for organisations to engage their customers while managing their internal teams and external relationships. Each portal acts as a virtual collaboration workspace for a secure and controlled digital environment where completing business has never been more convenient.  With text, voice, and video messaging, document sharing, annotative notes, digital signature, meetings, calendar booking, task management systems and more, all interactions are recorded and catalogued in one organised, intuitive space. Moxtra powers apps for businesses to deliver high touch service in today’s digital age and can be deployed as a standalone web or mobile app, or as an extension to an existing digital strategy. Connect with your customers anywhere, any time, and provide just-in-time responsiveness that ensures the most effective service delivery, uninterrupted.

The BMW Innovation Lab 2020 gave us a unique opportunity to develop a deeper insight into the automotive industry and gain vital experience working with key stakeholders in the organisation. This phenomenal lab enabled us to dig into BMW’s business challenges and create a real value added solution for BMW to manage their retailer business interactions in the mobile era. With the experience we gained through the course of the lab, we’re now continuing our conversations with BMW and are exploring the possibility of powering their private BMW OneStop portal. Nikhita Iyar, Strategic Business Development