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8th September 2017

Divido is a cloud-based credit origination frontend and loan servicing backend that caters to lenders, retailers and their customers. It enables customers to buy more things and pay over time. The platform works in store, online and by phone and supports all types of finance such as 0% APR, low cost credit, resolving credit, etc. It is also available in multiple languages and currencies working across multiple markets.

For a start-up entering the market, one of the greatest difficulties is getting through the door of a large, global business. The BMW Innovation Lab 2017 gave us a platform to get access to a major enterprise, as well as a chance to talk directly to key executives to find out what they needed from us. We were able to immerse ourselves in the automotive industry and learn how we can work with businesses of this scale.

Christer Holloman, CEO of Divido